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Images of Generosity, Hope, and New Life through Transplant

Travel with us through this heart-warming photo series and learn of the people whose lives have been forever changed through organ donation. Organ recipients, organ donors, and donor families show their strength and love through these compelling images.

"From the moment I was told I needed a kidney, to the moment I received the kidney, it was my Faith and trust in God that got me through. I like to make my MESS my message, and my TEST my testimony."
~Deb Wright, Kidney Recipient

"We are grateful, thankful, and blessed beyond measure. We pray that the spirit of appreciation for the opportunity Kevin has to live his best life eases the loss the donor family experiences. We’ve been able to spend quality time with our children and granddaughter and are joyfully awaiting the arrival of granddaughter #2 in the spring!"."
~Kevin Prue, Liver Recipient, with wife, Amy

Dennis visits Hartford Hospital often, counseling adults preparing for and recovering from organ transplants. He is also the go-to person many in the community call to counsel, support, and encourage their loved ones through their own heart failure diagnosis and transplant journey.
~Dennis Thomas, Heart Recipient

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