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 "I am thankful every single day that my brother was willing to give us this priceless gift and that Sawyer is here with us. We are so extremely thankful for the support from Donate Life CT, all of Sawyers doctors, and our friends and family." ~ Abby - Sawyer's Mom

Sawyer was born on November 22, 2018, at Yale New Haven Hospital. Sawyer’s parents, Abby and Brad, brought him home thinking he was perfectly healthy, but Sawyer was having some trouble eating. Abby took him to the pediatrician who was worried that he was struggling to eat, had light color stool, and was a bit yellow. She asked Abby to bring him for blood work.


Sawyer’s parents will never forget the phone call from the pediatrician that afternoon when she told them to pack a bag and bring Sawyer to the emergency room right away. After some repeat blood work and other testing, Sawyer was admitted to the hospital and his parents were told to prepare to be there for a while. They asked what the worst-case scenario would be and that was the very first time they heard the words “Biliary Atresia”. Over the next few days Sawyer underwent many tests which ruled out some less scary options and continued to point to Biliary Atresia. At eight days old Sawyer was officially diagnosed. 


By the time Sawyer was six months old, he was in end stage liver failure and in need of a lifesaving transplant. While waiting for a miracle, Sawyer was in and out of the hospital with many complications, his medication list grew longer, his skin turned yellow and itchy, and he experienced changes that affected his brain due to toxins building up in his body. He required a feeding tube and high calorie formula to get the nutrition he needed.


Sawyer’s uncle stepped up and was the first to get tested to be his living donor and amazingly, he was a match. On August 27, 2019, Abby’s brother gave Sawyer a portion of his liver and saved her sons life! Post-transplant life is often a rollercoaster, but Abby is thankful every single day that her brother was willing to give them this priceless gift and that Sawyer is here with them.


Abby has become a warrior for Donate Life Connecticut, sharing Sawyer’s story and making a difference in educating others about the miracle of organ transplantation. There are many myths and misconceptions about organ donation. Learn more today and make an informed decision.

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