Kevin and Amy

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Kevin has been Amy's rock when she stands tall and her cushion when she falls.

Kevin Prue Needs A LIVING Liver DONOR

"We need Kevin’s healthy, strong and steady presence in every aspect of our lives." ~ Amy Prue


Kevin and Amy Prue met 37 years ago as Resident Advisors at Western New England College. They have been married for 33 years and built a life of shared dreams, highlighted by their two children, a daughter-in-law, and their first, most precious grandchild.

Kevin's particular brand of wit and wisdom are a constant source of guidance and amusement for their adult “kids.” Kevin has been Amy's rock when she stands tall and her cushion when she falls. They are often the counterpoint for each other and the complement to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Underneath his intense, tough exterior is a huge, soft, sensitive, and generous heart. Kevin is loyal and committed to supporting those around him in mind, body, and spirit. Their greatest joy is in spending time with family – anywhere and everywhere, especially New England and Maine in particular, but Connecticut is HOME… They are so grateful to have relocated to the Connecticut shoreline where they both grew up. The familiarity and proximity to family and friends are peaceful and comforting, especially given Kevin’s health challenges.

Kevin’s health has progressively declined, and he’s had to learn to lean on others. He has retired earlier than he had expected and is focused on maintaining his health until a liver donor is found. He had hoped to find a role where his 33 years of experience in the financial services industry could make an impact, but the rigors of fighting this liver disease have taken their toll, and he finds himself unable to reliably meet the demands of his profession. He tries to remain very optimistic about the future, but it is heartbreaking to see him sad and scared, knowing that his fate is in the hands of another person's generous gift of life.


Having previously dealt with health challenges that included gall bladder surgery to remove the impacted organ from his liver, an emergency appendectomy, kidney stones, removal of a pituitary tumor, kidney failure, and removal of a parathyroid adenoma, Kevin is no stranger to medical adversity. He has stayed strong and determined to recover each time. This battle with End Stage Liver Disease is a rollercoaster, emotionally and medically.  A daily regimen of medications and dietary restrictions is necessary to maintain a delicate balance. All of this has impacted and limited Kevin’s ability to enjoy simple pleasures like a walk on the beach, a round of golf, and at times, driving a car. Yet, each day he is focused on what he CAN accomplish.

A living donor would help restore Kevin’s health before he declines any further and ensure that he can continue to interact and engage with family, friends, and the community in a meaningful and significant way. Amy can’t begin to imagine life without him by her side. They still have so much parenting and GRANDparenting to do!!

Kevin's family members are not a match, and they need help and support on this journey to find a willing, matching donor so that Kevin can enjoy the future that he has dreamed of and worked so hard towards.


Be a hero, save a life! Register today to be a donor at the time of death or explore the possibility of living donation.

If you or someone you know, might be interested in learning more about Organ Donation and Living Donation on Kevin’s behalf, please contact the Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center @ 866-925-3897 or visit The Center for Living Organ Donation will provide information, guidance, resources, and support without obligation.

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