Several years ago, Roma's parents took her to the doctor thinking she had the flu. Things quickly became alarming when doctors revealed that Roma had only 12 percent kidney function resulting from a rare inherited kidney disease, medullary cystic disease. She had been born with a disease that kills off kidney function during childhood.

Thankfully, her father and several other family members were identified as donor matches, and five-year-old Roma received a kidney transplant from her dad in 1999.

Now at nine years old, Roma enjoys activities that any little girl should be able to participate in. She loves her dance lessons and will happily show off some of her latest tricks-splits in several formations as well as one-handed cartwheels. Says Roma's mom, "It truly is a gift of life, for not only the recipient, but for the entire family. We get to see Roma live like any parent would want to see their nine year old."