Dan Drew

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Dan Drew, Mayor of Middletown, will go to any lengths to serve his city’s residents.

Even if it means giving up a kidney.

Dan Drew is serving his third term as Middletown’s Mayor, and is truly committed to his constituents. First elected in 2011, Dan’s first priority was improving the way City Hall served the public. He re-organized and consolidated city departments with the support of a bi-partisan supermajority of the city council without any reductions in services. These changes increased efficiency, cooperation, and saved the taxpayers millions of dollars.  

Dan understands that growth is the cornerstone of the Middletown’s success. Since taking office he has built on a strong economic legacy by focusing on continued growth. In that time, several hundred new businesses have opened in Middletown. Dan has led efforts to bring the long awaited riverfront revitalization, once hailed as an impossible dream, to fruition.

Whether continuing to bring new businesses and economic development to Middletown, working with a variety of groups to improve the quality of life for Middletown residents, or advocating on behalf of the city’s youth, workers, seniors, and families, Dan has never lost sight of his motivation: helping others. It seems that Mayor Dan Drew will go to any lengths to serve his city’s residents, even providing one resident with a kidney. Dan was tested and found to be a perfect match for one local mom and lifelong Middletown resident. In August 2016, Mayor Drew underwent surgery to donate a kidney to Olivia DiMauro who had been suffering from polycystic kidney disease all her life. Mayor Drew provided Olivia with the ultimate gift of life.

Dan was born in New York City and was raised in both New York and Connecticut. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Connecticut in 2002 and earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University in 2015. He and his wife, Kate, married in 2002. Dan is the father of four children: Ella, Jackson, Jacob, and Lily.