Elijah & Tiffany


The heart transplant that my Dad received was the best birthday gift any 18 year old could ever receive. - Tiffany

I am the daughter of a heart transplant recipient.  My family witnessed my father withering away while awaiting a heart for months in the hospital.  On the eve of my 18th birthday, we received a phone call that a heart became available and my father would immediately be going into surgery.  It was the longest night of my life.  We awaited word that he made it through surgery and the okay to see him.  I remember seeing him unconscious with tubes everywhere.  I was assured this was normal, but it looked as if he was lifeless.  Little did I know, this was the beginning of a " new" life for him.  After months of recovery my father returned home eager to get back to work and life as normal.  He was given, unbeknownst to me, 3-5 years to live.  Those 3-5 years turned into 15.  My father was able to witness me graduate from college, get married and give birth to two of my three children.  Because of the donation of a heart, my father not only lived, but he made everyone around him appreciate life.